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Florida’s government and lawmakers, like the government in other States, are once again bringing the focus of the political and media influence to the topic of opening the State to casino resorts and gambling houses. And again, like many times in the past, they have found a strong opposition in The Walt Disney Company.


The battle between the gambling sector and the most famous entertaining company has been on permanently ever since the conversations about opening the State to gambling.

Disney World is definitely the biggest touristic attraction in Florida, and one of the top ones in the whole world. And probably the most valuable brand and image. So Florida can not afford to bother the relations between The Walt Disney Company and the government of Florida. The relationship between the State of Florida and The Walt Disney Company was born in 1971, with the opening of The Disney World, one of the pioneer projects in the world of the leisure mega centers. Its been a very fruitful and productive relationship for both parts, so its not hard to understand that The Walt Disney Company has a lot of strength when it comes to these important decisions.

However, lawmakers and institutions pro gambling are accusing Disney of acting with hypocrisy. The fact is that Marvel had signed some agreements in the past with slot machine developers to create games based in popular characters like Spider Man. And who owns the rights of Marvel comics since 2009? Yes, Disney. However, Disney spokesman has declared firmly that no new agreements have been made ever since they got back Marvel. Gambling institutions are a bit worried that Disney will not renew the old agreements with Marvel, so soon they will have to retire some of the most famous and fruitful games, with characters like Spider Man, The Avengers, Hulk or Captain America.

Its going to be a tough battle. And most analysts see Disney as a winner, because they have more power when it comes to lobbying. And they also think that Disney has a point when saying that Florida has been always labeled as a family destination, not just because Disney World, but also because Sea World, one of the biggest marine parks in the world, opened in 1988.

Gambling in Africa

Let’s face it. People want to either gamble for fun or to get paid. The fact is, a lot of people in Africa can’t afford this kind of luxury. So who gambles in Africa?
This may be a controversial topic but there are a few rich folks in Africa although not many of them are known. The casinos in Africa aren’t the best either.

So who are these rich folks? They break down to a few groups: Warlords, traders, foreigners, politicians, celebrities among a few others. These people make enough money in one day to live in Africa for a whole year. They have so much money they just visit casinos to blow it all. Funny thing is, in Africa, the casinos don’t offer free drinks like the ones in America. It sucks but hey, at least alcohol is quite cheap in Africa, although it may be illegal in some places. If you’re rich enough, it doesn’t matter.

This is Africa.

However, do be careful when partaking in illegal activities in Africa. If you get caught and if you are put in jail… some say it’s quite… difficult to get out. Of course, if you spend enough money, this isn’t an issue. But what if you don’t have your money with you or you ran out of money? Then you’re screwed! African jails are some serious places that you never ever want to go to.

Gambling in Africa is quite different than gambling in more developed areas, but if you have the money, like most places, you can have a blast. So be very careful of the law, spend your money wisely and you can enjoy your stay like a king.


At the end of a regular day’s shift of last month, taxi driver from Las Vegas Gerardo Gamboa, happened to find out that some client left forgotten a bag at his cab. He opened it, in search for some documents or information about the owner, in order to give it back. But to his surprise, he only found six bundles of 100$ bills, a total amount of 300.000$.

Gamboa decided to go back to his office, and turned in the money. They contacted the police, who started an investigation that managed to determine, with the help of the casino authorities, that the owner of the money was a famous professional poker player, who asked to remain anonymous.

The vague poker player had then to go to the taxi office to claim the money back. Gamboa’s boss defined him as a nice guy, who was just feeling too embarrassed about his dismissal. But he was grateful about the kindness and the exemplar action of the taxi driver. Somehow it looked as if it wasnt the first time he lost his poker bag.

The taxi company rewarded Gamboa with a 1000$ check, and a steak dinner for two. And rumors say that the poker player rewarded him with 10000$ for his action. Gamboa, who has been driving his taxi for over 25 years now, declared that he didn’t do it for the money, or for attention. That’s just the way he was raised by his parents.

What would you do in Gamboa’s situation? Would you opt for the good citizen action? Or would you consider that after 25 years driving a cab, this was just a generous tip from a rich client? I want to believe that majority of people would do the correct think, although its hard to know until one finds himself in the situation.


New Jersey became in the end of November 2013 the 3rd state of the US to legalize online casinos and gambling. So far, 13 websites have been launched. According to the authorities, the process is running smoothly, and it seems like the logical thing to do, since in the end its just private companies trying to enter a market and compete fairly to one another to offer a better service.

The gambling promoters have been defending that in a capitalist system like the one we live now, its just not reasonable for the state to try to control so many things, and that it has to allow private companies to compete freely. That’s the key to success and progress.

The gambling association tries to make the authorities see that the influence of internet gambling is unstoppable, and that it could also be beneficial for real casinos as well, and could reactivate Atlantic City as a touristic destination.

Obama’s government is not really cooperating in the legalization of online gambling. But we all know that Obama’s position is not the strongest at the moment, and his popularity has dropped drastically recently. However, the states are the ones that have the power to change the laws, so it wouldn’t be surprising if more and more states start legalizing online gambling in the upcoming months. In the end, they will get a piece of the cake too, by collecting taxes from users. Otherwise users will have to log in and play in foreign online casinos, which will bring no revenue to the American economy. Also, its quite probable that other states are going to analyze the situation of New Jersey to check if its something worth doing or not. So in that sense, it could be a good example to other states that could be considering giving the same step.

Celebrities and Gambling

Its a well known fact that gambling is a very popular activity in nowadays society. And we have also read and heard quite often about the celebrities and their gambling stories, sometimes leading to dangerous addictions due to the big amounts of money that they spend on this hobby. So its not a strange fact that every day we see more and more celebrities partnering up with big online gambling companies to work on their promotion and advertising campaigns.

Recently we have been able to see the latest Pokerstars campaign, featuring 2 of the most popular sportsmen from big markets such as Brazil and Spain. If you still haven’t watched the campaign, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to guess who are we speaking about: 2 absolute world wide idols like Ronaldo Nazario and Rafa Nadal. These professionals learned by visiting an internet casino because it’s easily accessible. As you can imagine, getting such stars to participate in your campaigns is pretty expensive. So this is a very clear sign of the money that the online gambling industry generates worldwide.

But Rafa Nadal and Ronaldo Nazario are not the only ones. We still remember Boris Becker’s campaign, as one of the first examples of how beneficial can be linking a celebrity to a certain business, in this case, gambling.

Besides all this, some of the biggest betting companies have opted for a different approach, sponsoring some of the biggest football clubs in Europe, such as Real Madrid or A.C Milano (Bwin) and Malaga C.F (William Hill) among others.

If this wasn’t enough, rumors say that a Norwegian gambling company just signed one of the biggest sport celebrities of the end of last century, Mike Tyson. Its a quite curious case, because the former boxing world champion was one of the most loyal customers in Las Vegas casinos, squandering a considerable high part of the fortune he gathered over the boxing rings. Even if he has been one of the most polemic public figures, surrounded by dozens of problems with justice and drugs, he is still a very popular person, and we are sure he is still a good face to link your campaign with. We wish the best to Mr Tyson!

Gambling in Europe Part 2

Europe is bigger than you’d imagine.

Gambling in Europe is a silly phrase because there are so many countries with so many different social statuses around Europe. Many countries around Europe are very poor, especially the ones in the East.

However, gambling in the Northern Europe may get a bit more interesting. The players are rich and their stakes are higher. Their poker pots are definitely higher as well as the antes.

This may come off as a very intimidating event for many players from smaller (and poorer) countries, but one must remember that the living conditions in these countries are better, and more expensive.

Some of these “rich” countries in the North include Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Many like to play here for the luxurious feeling, the attractive women as well as the Scandinavian and Nordic feeling. People are generally more friendly as well.

Gambling in these countries might be a bit different, however. American casinos offer free alcohol to all players, but what about European countries? Many casinos around Europe do not offer free alcohol, especially in the poorer ones. The tipping culture is also vastly different due to the cultural differences between America and all the countries located in Europe. There are currently about 50 countries in the European continent.

Gambling in Europe

The first time a person gambles, it’s exhilarating. The first time a person gambles and wins, that person is a winner. Many folks wonder what it truly takes to be a winner.

When people think it takes skill to win a large amount of money, they’re wrong. Gambling requires a ton of luck and if you just get lucky once, you can live rich for the rest of your life. However, lady luck is usually not on your side. Most of the time, it requires patience, skill and experience to win. That’s why people choose casino games where they can become better rather than leaving it all on luck. Gamblers want as much control as possible because there is money at stake.

Gambling in Europe is pretty great if you have money. Offline gambling is easy – you just have to walk in a casino. They will be friendly and in most cases, they can speak English as well. Gambling online is actually easier – you can play straight from your home or from the hotel you’re staying at. All you need in access to the internet and have some credentials on you, and you’re set. Some countries have weird laws regarding gambling online, but in most cases, foreigners play if they have access. Due to these restrictions, many online casino companies are based in Malta.

Benefits of Online Casinos

The fact of the matter is, online casinos will overtake land-based casinos in the near future. The comfort of playing casino games from home as well as the variety of slots available to a player at any given moment are the two main reasons why this will happen. When strictly talking about online casinos, many refer to them as netticasino.

It’s also quite easy to get into these games. Many people who enjoy going out to the casinos for the experience of going to such places have all the right to do that. However, for those who want the power to play any and all casino games at any given moment, the time is now. Act now and play these games while the bonuses are amazing. Since the online casino market is relatively new, companies are handing out great incentives to play such as bonuses or free spins. We don’t know where the market is headed, except for the fact that the online gambling market is only growing and it will only get bigger.

While many folks enjoy the comfort of playing from their own homes, there’s no doubt that these online casinos lack the physical aesthetics as well as the pleasure of pressing the button, or pulling down the classic slot machine lever, or even the live human interaction that goes on face-to-face.

While some key aspects of the experience of a casino are missing when you are at home, the important thing is that there are better incentives as well as better games available online.