Gambling in Africa

Let’s face it. People want to either gamble for fun or to get paid. The fact is, a lot of people in Africa can’t afford this kind of luxury. So who gambles in Africa?
This may be a controversial topic but there are a few rich folks in Africa although not many of them are known. The casinos in Africa aren’t the best either.

So who are these rich folks? They break down to a few groups: Warlords, traders, foreigners, politicians, celebrities among a few others. These people make enough money in one day to live in Africa for a whole year. They have so much money they just visit casinos to blow it all. Funny thing is, in Africa, the casinos don’t offer free drinks like the ones in America. It sucks but hey, at least alcohol is quite cheap in Africa, although it may be illegal in some places. If you’re rich enough, it doesn’t matter.

This is Africa.

However, do be careful when partaking in illegal activities in Africa. If you get caught and if you are put in jail… some say it’s quite… difficult to get out. Of course, if you spend enough money, this isn’t an issue. But what if you don’t have your money with you or you ran out of money? Then you’re screwed! African jails are some serious places that you never ever want to go to.

Gambling in Africa is quite different than gambling in more developed areas, but if you have the money, like most places, you can have a blast. So be very careful of the law, spend your money wisely and you can enjoy your stay like a king.