At the end of a regular day’s shift of last month, taxi driver from Las Vegas Gerardo Gamboa, happened to find out that some client left forgotten a bag at his cab. He opened it, in search for some documents or information about the owner, in order to give it back. But to his surprise, he only found six bundles of 100$ bills, a total amount of 300.000$.

Gamboa decided to go back to his office, and turned in the money. They contacted the police, who started an investigation that managed to determine, with the help of the casino authorities, that the owner of the money was a famous professional poker player, who asked to remain anonymous.

The vague poker player had then to go to the taxi office to claim the money back. Gamboa’s boss defined him as a nice guy, who was just feeling too embarrassed about his dismissal. But he was grateful about the kindness and the exemplar action of the taxi driver. Somehow it looked as if it wasnt the first time he lost his poker bag.

The taxi company rewarded Gamboa with a 1000$ check, and a steak dinner for two. And rumors say that the poker player rewarded him with 10000$ for his action. Gamboa, who has been driving his taxi for over 25 years now, declared that he didn’t do it for the money, or for attention. That’s just the way he was raised by his parents.

What would you do in Gamboa’s situation? Would you opt for the good citizen action? Or would you consider that after 25 years driving a cab, this was just a generous tip from a rich client? I want to believe that majority of people would do the correct think, although its hard to know until one finds himself in the situation.