Celebrities and Gambling

Its a well known fact that gambling is a very popular activity in nowadays society. And we have also read and heard quite often about the celebrities and their gambling stories, sometimes leading to dangerous addictions due to the big amounts of money that they spend on this hobby. So its not a strange fact that every day we see more and more celebrities partnering up with big online gambling companies to work on their promotion and advertising campaigns.

Recently we have been able to see the latest Pokerstars campaign, featuring 2 of the most popular sportsmen from big markets such as Brazil and Spain. If you still haven’t watched the campaign, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to guess who are we speaking about: 2 absolute world wide idols like Ronaldo Nazario and Rafa Nadal. These professionals learned by visiting an internet casino because it’s easily accessible. As you can imagine, getting such stars to participate in your campaigns is pretty expensive. So this is a very clear sign of the money that the online gambling industry generates worldwide.

But Rafa Nadal and Ronaldo Nazario are not the only ones. We still remember Boris Becker’s campaign, as one of the first examples of how beneficial can be linking a celebrity to a certain business, in this case, gambling.

Besides all this, some of the biggest betting companies have opted for a different approach, sponsoring some of the biggest football clubs in Europe, such as Real Madrid or A.C Milano (Bwin) and Malaga C.F (William Hill) among others.

If this wasn’t enough, rumors say that a Norwegian gambling company just signed one of the biggest sport celebrities of the end of last century, Mike Tyson. Its a quite curious case, because the former boxing world champion was one of the most loyal customers in Las Vegas casinos, squandering a considerable high part of the fortune he gathered over the boxing rings. Even if he has been one of the most polemic public figures, surrounded by dozens of problems with justice and drugs, he is still a very popular person, and we are sure he is still a good face to link your campaign with. We wish the best to Mr Tyson!