New Jersey became in the end of November 2013 the 3rd state of the US to legalize online casinos and gambling. So far, 13 websites have been launched. According to the authorities, the process is running smoothly, and it seems like the logical thing to do, since in the end its just private companies trying to enter a market and compete fairly to one another to offer a better service.

The gambling promoters have been defending that in a capitalist system like the one we live now, its just not reasonable for the state to try to control so many things, and that it has to allow private companies to compete freely. That’s the key to success and progress.

The gambling association tries to make the authorities see that the influence of internet gambling is unstoppable, and that it could also be beneficial for real casinos as well, and could reactivate Atlantic City as a touristic destination.

Obama’s government is not really cooperating in the legalization of online gambling. But we all know that Obama’s position is not the strongest at the moment, and his popularity has dropped drastically recently. However, the states are the ones that have the power to change the laws, so it wouldn’t be surprising if more and more states start legalizing online gambling in the upcoming months. In the end, they will get a piece of the cake too, by collecting taxes from users. Otherwise users will have to log in and play in foreign online casinos, which will bring no revenue to the American economy. Also, its quite probable that other states are going to analyze the situation of New Jersey to check if its something worth doing or not. So in that sense, it could be a good example to other states that could be considering giving the same step.