Gambling in Europe Part 2

Europe is bigger than you’d imagine.

Gambling in Europe is a silly phrase because there are so many countries with so many different social statuses around Europe. Many countries around Europe are very poor, especially the ones in the East.

However, gambling in the Northern Europe may get a bit more interesting. The players are rich and their stakes are higher. Their poker pots are definitely higher as well as the antes.

This may come off as a very intimidating event for many players from smaller (and poorer) countries, but one must remember that the living conditions in these countries are better, and more expensive.

Some of these “rich” countries in the North include Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Many like to play here for the luxurious feeling, the attractive women as well as the Scandinavian and Nordic feeling. People are generally more friendly as well.

Gambling in these countries might be a bit different, however. American casinos offer free alcohol to all players, but what about European countries? Many casinos around Europe do not offer free alcohol, especially in the poorer ones. The tipping culture is also vastly different due to the cultural differences between America and all the countries located in Europe. There are currently about 50 countries in the European continent.