Online versus offline poker

Play poker like a man!

In the past few years, we witnessed an impressive increase in the number of websites offering their users the chance to compete one another at online poker tables and in online poker championships. Such websites are trying their best to imitate the environment you would find in an actual casino, from the way in which tables are displayed by their software to the sheer diversity of game types and bank rolls available.

The main advantage online poker offers players is the fact that you can play from the comfort of your home. You do not have to sit on the same chair for hours on end, and you can always get up and make yourself a sandwich or get yourself a beer. It is something which appeals to many players who would otherwise need to waste hours preparing and traveling to a nearby casino.

Another advantage is the fact that unlike a regular casino, online casinos have unlimited game tables. Gone are the days when you would travel to a casino just to notice that all the tables are full. Furthermore, online casinos are always open and you can play as much or as little as you want. The tables run a wider range of games, and this allows you to change the game if you get bored of playing just one variety of poker, as well as expand your knowledge and learn new, fun games.

Online poker is also more beginner-friendly. Most online casinos allow players to gamble using play money, a website virtual currency devoid of any financial value. This gives gamblers a chance to learn more about the game and test their skill and luck against others without actually losing money. Once a player has decided he wants to try his luck at live tables, he can choose one of the many low bank roll tables and play there until he feels prepared to go to higher blind tables, a process which helps everyone to learn at their own pace and also save money.

Unlike regular casinos, where anybody can recognize you, in an online casino you are identifiable through an username and an avatar. This element of anonymity gives many a boost in confidence, and makes communication, socializing and, implicitly, learning, much easier for everyone. Furthermore, it makes things easier because there are no tells in online poker. Only bet patterns differentiate between the amateurs and the pros at the tables.

Online poker games are very fast paced by comparison to regular poker games. The number of hands played has been maximized by not needing to shuffle, deal, move chips, and other actions who add up to a few extra minutes in every offline poker hand.

We hope that you agree with us when we say that online poker is a great choice for many players. We encourage you to give it a shot, particularly if you’re just learning the game or if patience is not one of your qualities.