Food items that can help you with online gambling

Whether you believe it or not, online gambling ultimately boils down to luck and probability. Now you might not believe in luck in the cosmic sense, but you do admit that there are days when you feel like you have won a lot more while gambling online compared to most other days. Let’s just take these days to be lucky for you for argument’s sake. Now, you might not believe in luck and might just tone down these acts to random acts of nature, but there are a few individuals who go out of their way to ensure that their luck never dwindles. In fact, a few people are also known to believe that there are certain food items which can help you increase your luck while gambling online.

Eating your lucky meal
As they state, fortunes favours the brave and the prepared. You need to figure out the food items that bring you the most happiness and define them as a part of your lucky meal. Remember, being happy allows you to create your own luck and if you don’t believe in these sort of things, simply believe in the fact that it always helps to be happy and satisfied before you gamble online.

Keeping cinnamon also helps
A common superstition is to keep a stick of cinnamon in one’s wallet or purse to ensure that there is a steady income and prevent sudden financial setbacks. Well, how far it actually helps can be debated, but it surely allows you to make your money and your credit cards smell nice.

Common food items that people eat to bring luck
According to many, there are a number of food items that can actually help gamblers to increase their luck. Some of these items include dairy products, soy protein, egg whites, fish and game meat. As funny or weird as this sounds, you can find numerous instances of people vouching for the fact that they fared much better at online gambling after eating one or more of these items. Luckily for the logic freaks, studies have come up with a logical explanation for this superstition. It is believed that all such items contain an amino acid known as Tryptophan. Tryptophan is particularly useful in increasing the level of serotonin in a person’s brain that helps to get rid of anxiety and depression. Simply put, having food items which are rich in Tryptophan help you to feel lighter and happier, which ultimately brings forward the notion of feeling lucky.

Lucky food

Lentils are also known to bring in luck
Many people also believe that having Lentils right before you sit down to gamble is also considered to bring immense luck. No doubt that this superstition comes from the fact that Lentils are considered to be good luck charms for improving finances and many people in Brazil eat lentils as their first meal of the New Years to ensure a year of prosperity and happiness.

Double your luck
If you’re looking to try out one or more of these foods, you should look at trying to double your luck. Basically, you need to ingest your tryptophan rich food items along with carbohydrates in order to substantially increase the benefits of Tryptophan. Therefore, instead of dairy products, you could try out a grilled cheese sandwich. Instead of having fish, why not order for a pizza with extra anchovy toppings. Not only does this help you to try out these funny ways of increasing your luck, it also helps you to double it and prevent yourself from looking like a fool.